Jon Schindehette


Creator. Mentor. Educator

Though Jon is currently the Creative Director of ThinkGeek Denver and the owner of ArtOrder Publishing, he has a dynamic background that includes serving as Senior Art Director for Dungeons and Dragons during his time at Wizards of the Coast.  After spending much of his career making corporations and brands look good, he is now focusing on helping develop artist careers, empowering creatives to become successful creative entrepreneurs, and enabling creatives to develop their own IP's and take them from the back of a napkin to the hands of their fans.

His list of corporate clients is wide and diverse, including but not limited to, Disney, Fox Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, Kodak, Price Waterhouse, Atari, Activision, Sony Entertainment, Bioware, Bethesda SoftWorks, Crystal Dynamics, and many more. 

He has experience in all manner of marketing and advertising (print, radio, web & TV), product development (video, board, & card games, novels, comics, apparel, hard goods, etc.), entertainment (radio, tv, film, & video games) and environmental design (retail, outdoor, event, etc.)